INKED IN BLOOD - Aufgelöst



INKED IN BLOOD reihen sich in die Liste der 2008 aufgelösten Bands ein und Sänger Joey Trump hat diesbezüglich folgendes zu sagen:

"So yeah, as all of you have observed, we haven't been doing anything for a while. There are about a million reasons for this very large 'snag' that we've hit, but the genesis of them all can be traced back to these two: 1. Members that are available to tour 2. A vehicle that we are allowed to use for tour

"Our staggering amound of resistance from the universe, who seems to be an opposing force bent on crushing us to pieces, seems to always be depriving us of one or both of the above *essential* components. It's been going on for a quite a while, but the frequency (ever increasing as it is) has taken its toll. You can't, CAN'T have a band without members. Unless you're Madonna, or Seal (ha, Seal...I wonder what that guy's doing these days?); but I digress...or unless you hire computers to play all the other instruments. Which would look stupid, because by the time we got to your town it would only be Kelly and I on stage with all this other sound coming from no where. And before you even think the words 'fill-in touring member,' just hold that thought. Although some of our fill-ins have been wonderful, and we'll always cherish those great times had with them (you know who you are), the rest seem to have been secret agents sent to chop off whole limbs at a time. And let me tell ya, when that happens...YUK! Soo much blood. But, again, I digress... Also, our traveling problems don't seem to be going away any time soon. Which, for any band, are the kinds of problems that tend to be the most costly. What that means is that we can't come and play for all of you beautiful and wonderful people. Which is heart-wrenching for those of us who would still do that...if it were possible. And as of now, it really seems to be the opposite of possible, and then some. For sure though, if we could...we totally would!

"In conclusion, this is probably 'it' for IIB. Which is such hell. Because the good times, were more than good. They were life-changing, and the most precious we've ever had. And the credit can only go to those who have supported us time and time again. Facedown played a HUGE part in helping us along the way, and loving us enough so as not to notice the bad over the good. And, of course, all of you IIB fans!! Anyone who's ever bothered to give our music a listen, or watch part of our set at a show. All of you who have fed us, sheltered us, or kept us company along the way. Anyone who's ever told us that our music helped you through a tough time, or changed you in some way. Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU, from the bottom of our hearts! We tried so hard, and did this especially for you. You are our hopes, you are our dreams.

"This is kinda weird for me, typing this. I've been doing this for so long, it's such a huge part of who I am. But as far as cosmic shifts go, I remain hopeful. Some of us are still playing music. Watch for those projects! I also really hope we can play some last shows for you pray that happens!

"Hit us up with any questions, concerns, snide remarks, or stories you'd like to share."