ION DISSONANCE - Arbeiten an einem neuen Album



ION DISSONANCE schreiben aktuell ein neues Album und haben diesbezüglich folgendes Statement verfasst:

"We are all sorry for the lack of updates on our part but not to worry, we have all been really busy with work, girlfriends, studios and what not, but we have also been working really hard on new Ion Dissonance material. In fact, it's coming along quite well. Now, like all bands say when they are writing new material you have to trust us. You will not be disappointed with this effort! It's the perfect mix of everything we have done so far... it's nasty, it's fast, it's slow, it's technical, it's catchy but most of all its really heavy. It's also the perfect mix for fans of old school ID who want to be thrown into a whirlwind of dissonant riffage and incomprehensible drum patterns while still incorporating some of the new ID grooves which can be heard on our previous album Minus the Herd. Oh, and everything is done with the 8 string guitars! This spells disaster for the kids who like to get down at our shows. So far we have about 7-8 songs completed and we'll keep at it. Our inspiration is flowing well and everything feels like its finding its place within a vast puzzle of none sense. We plan to hit the studio sometime this fall/winter."