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Die Band:

We are Jeniferever, a swedish band that has been around since 2003. We have released two albums and are about to release our third this spring. As always we try to follow this with as much touring as possible. But it´s always hard to get it to work financially. The van breaks down, shows get cancelled and sometimes we need to take shows that don´t cover our costs. We´ve always financed this with our own money that we´ve been saving between tours and by the kind support of the labels we´ve been involved with. But with labels struggeling to make it work and the hard competition in the live scene that has followed we thought that this time around we´d also reach out to the people who want us to come. So if you are a person that badly wants us to make it, please make a contribution if you can spare it!

The Impact
We want to do this because we belive in our music, and we believe that others should hear it. So please make it easier for us to do this! We need your help to keep on doing this!

What We Need & What You Get
All the money will go to costs of the tour: gas, hostels, food and repairing our van that constantly breaks down.
For Info, please visit:

Other Ways You Can Help
Please spred the word for us through facebook, twitter and every way you can think of.

empfohlen von VISIONS, ECLIPSED, ZILLO, &

04.04.2011: Köln - Subway
03.04.2011: Bremen - MS Treue
07.04.2011: Oberhausen - Drucklufthaus
08.04.2011: Offenbach - Hafen 2
22.05.2011: AT-Wien - B72
26.05.2011: CH-Will - Gare de Lion
31.05.2011: Berlin - Comet
01.06.2011: Hamburg - Haus III&70
03.06.2011: Bielefeld - AJZ
04.06.2011: Leipzig - Nato