JOE MCMAHON / SMOKE OR FIRE - neue Songs online



JOE MCMAHON kuendigt eine Split-EP mit dem schottischen Songwriter BILLY LIAR an, die im Fruehjahr via Paper & Plastick erscheinen soll.

Zu seinen Plaenen sagt der Frontmann von SMOKE OR FIRE folgendes:

This is the launch of my bandcamp songs. This past New years eve on my way to Brugge I stopped in Antwerp Belgium and recorded some acoustic songs with my good friend Tim Van Doorn to close out 2014. Tim is recording my solo album. He's Dutch and he's brilliant. Just like Goldmember from Austin Powers.

We put 6 songs in the can in record time. 2 of them will be on an upcoming split with my friend Billy Liar, and the other 4 you can get here.

Tim relocated to Antwerp and is finishing up building his new studio. I'm going on tour until the end of May, and then finishing my solo record will be the first project in Tim's new studio. These songs were recorded because I'm asked at every show where the music is. It's on it's way. In the meantime this is a chance for you to help me finish the record I've started. You can pay as much as you want for these songs. The music industry is what it is these days, but you can help make this happen. Living in Europe is amazing and different and difficult and challenging and and and...Point is I can not legally work when I'm not on tour because I am living in Germany with an Artist Visa. This is what I depend on to live now. Crazy idea, right?

Donations are beyond appreciated. They will literally keep the music coming. Please repost. Please spread the word if you like what you hear. It all makes a huge difference. If you're still reading at this point you must a little bit.

A lot of good things ahead. I appreciate the support you guys.