JOYCE MANOR - "Rarities"-Album am Freitag



JOYCE MANOR aus Los Angeles werden am kommenden Freitag, den 29. Mai eine Raritaeten-Compilation namens "Songs From Northern Torrance“ via Epitaph veroeffentlichen (Vinyl folgt dann Mitte September). Darauf sind zehn Songs enthalten, die zwischen 2008 und 2010 aufgenommen wurden, als die Band noch als Duo unterwegs war. Anbei gibt es mit "House Warning Party“ den ersten Song, den  Sänger Barry Johnson je fuer die Band schrieb, zu hoeren. Johnson kommentiert: 
"A lot of early JOYCE MANOR songs are actually leftovers from earlier bands, but ‘House Warning Party‘ was the first song I wrote specifically for JOYCE MANOR. I was working at the Long Beach Aquarium and the first line of the song came to me while I was perusing the vending machine on my break. They had some LifeSavers and on the packaging it said ‘five flavors’ and the opening line of the song just popped in my head. The rest of the lyrics came effortlessly and the song was fully written in about the time it takes to listen to. Listening to it ten years later it sounds young and inspired and I’m impressed at how much of a story I was able to tell in just over a minute.”