Victory Records haben JUNGLE ROT aus Wisconsin und THESE HEARTS aus Fargo, North Dakota unter Vertrag genommen.

Das JUNGLE ROT Victory Release und achtes Album der Band wird den Namen "Kill On Command" tragen. Frontmann Dave Matrise hierzu:

"We are all very happy to be a part of the Victory family. Kill On Command is our eight album and it's by far our heaviest and most brutal to date. Our new drummer, Jesse Beahler, really took this new CD to the next level of heaviness. As always, there were ups and downs when making the record, but we do what we do best: keep fighting through all the bullshit that is dished out while being in a band, and in the end, we came out with a killer new CD and a killer new label."

THESE HEARTS haben bisher eine selbst veröffentlichte EP auf ihrem Konto. Ihr Victory Debüt, "Forever Ended Yesterday", wurde von Craig Owens produziert.

Gitarrist Daryl Van Been:
"We are so excited to be a part of the Victory Records family, and thrilled to be releasing the new album."