JUNIOR BATTLES - "I Think It Was Called 'The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down'"



"I Think It Was Called 'The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down'" heisst ein neuer Song von JUNIOR BATTLES aus Toronto, den die Poppunkband HIER im Stream vorstellt. Der Track ist Teil einer Split-MC zusammen mit BONG MOUNTAIN aus Michigan, die via Paper & Plastick bzw. BTG erscheint.

Zur Entstehung der Split:

We’ve known the guys in Bong Mountain for a while now, by way of playing with their singer Chris Lidstone’s old band, Cain Marko. A few years ago, after we played a show at Mulligan’s in Grand Rapids, we had a simultaneously memorable and hazy after-party at Chris’ house, involving duty-free whiskey, a late night scream-along dance party, and a viewing of the classic film Money Train on laser disc. Life-affirming shit.

A few weeks later, an acoustic demo showed up in our inbox. Chris had written a song about that night, like some kind of brilliant, nostalgic sonic time capsule. The first time Bong Mountain came to Canada, we decided to be slick and cover it, as a kind of tribute to good times with Cain Marko/Bong Mountain past, present, and future. It turns out that the Bongy Boys had the same idea. Every time we’ve shared the stage with them since, we’ve both played our respective versions.