KADINJA - Instrumental-Album und Songbooks



KADINJA aus Frankreich releasen ihr zweites Album als Instrumental-Version. "Super 90" ist ab sofort erhaeltlich - zudem gibt es von der Porgressivemetalband  auch ""Super 90" - The Complete Transcriptions"! -  mit den kompletten Transcriptions fuer jedes einzelne Instrument.

KADINJA kommentieren:
"We have been asked for months for instrumental version and transcriptions of Super 90'. We are very happy to unveil them to let people discover our music from another angle, with many details they might not have noticed before with vocals. The approach is clearly different and interesting, almost like listening to a different album!"

1. Empire (Instrumental)
2. From the Inside (Instrumental)
3. The Modern Rage (Instrumental)
4. Icon (Instrumental)
5. The Right Escape (Instrumental)
6. Véronique (Instrumental)
7. Strive (Instrumental)
8. Muted Rain (Instrumental)
9. House of Cards (Instrumental)
10. Avec tout mon Amour (Instrumental)