KAONASHI - Debutalbum im Mai



KAONASHI aus Philadelphia kuendigen mit "Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year" ihr Debutalbum an, welches am 21. Mai via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records erscheint. Die Platte ist der Nachfolger zur 2018er EP "Why Did You Do It?" - anbei gibt es mit der Single “An Evening of Moving Pictures With Scooter Corkle” bereits einen ersten Vorgeschmack zum Sound der Band, der an einen Mix aus LETLIVE und SILVERSTEIN erinnert. 

Frontmann Peter Rono zum Song

“When it came time to pick a single, I wanted to choose something that fully explained us as a band. It’s a song about love and the doubt that comes with it. We wrote this song together and I think it really shows, it’s also my first time really singing outside of a chorus. This will be a lot of people’s first impression of Kaonashi and I couldn’t be more proud of it”

Zum Album sagt Rono:

“We want this record to make people anxious. We want them to feel a sense of urgency. If they catch themselves thinking that they could do something to change the story of the album, then maybe — just maybe — they will take steps to make a difference in the world around them”