KINGSMEN - kuendigen Debutalbum an



KINGSMEN aus Rhode Island spielen modernen, frischen Metal und werden ihr Debut "Revenge. Forgiveness, Recovery" am 10. April via SharpTone Records veroeffentlichen. Mit "Nightmare: gibt es unten einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf die Platte im Stream. 

Im Statement sagt Frontmann Tanner Guimond zum Song:

“Life isn’t always a beautiful dream. More often than not we are faced with challenges that are nearly impossible to handle. Our journey for the last few years has been full of sickness, death, misguidance and heartbreak. Our turmoil has led to the creation of our first full length album “Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.” This is the first single off that record titled “Nightmare.” This song is about embracing change and never surrendering your will because of hard times. So, take a listen and let us reach into the darkest parts of your mind.”