KINGSMEN - neuer Videoclip zum Albumrelease




KINGSMEN stammen aus Rhode Island und spielen Metal in moderner Form. Heute erscheint das neue und erste Album “Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.” via SharpTone Records. Zum darauf enhthaltenen Song "World On Fire" stellt die Band unten einen Videoclip vor. Im Statement heisst es: 

“‘World on Fire’ represents the pain and thoughts of someone in a state of self-destruction who’s finding the answers they need from burning the memories of their past mistakes so they can be reborn as a better person”

Das Album an sich kommentieren KINGSMEN wie folgt: 

“'Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.' is not only our first record but it is the product of a time in our lives where we all went through a great deal of suffering. With persistence and time we overcame great personal obstacles by sticking together when most might give up. As a group we had to deal with everything from sickness to heartache and death. So, in lieu of what we went through, we created an album that tells a dark story with a satisfying end. From start to finish we bring you through a journey of pain, self destruction, and healing. We hope this music is more than something to just bang your head to. Beyond the break downs and gutturals, past the thundering drums and beyond the clean singing there is a message. You can always find peace in any situation if you have enough time, energy and persistence. So whether you’re excited to listen to some fun songs or you’re looking for that next record to help you deal with your own struggles, we hope you find what you’re looking for with 'Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery.'”