KIRK WINDSTEIN (CROWBAR) - Soloalbum im Januar



Kirk Windstein ist eigentlich Gitarrist bei CROWBAR und veröffentlicht am 24. Januar 2020 sein Solo-Debüt "Dream in Motion". Die Platte entstand ueber zwei Jahre in Windsteins Heimat Liousiana. Anbei stellt der Musiker einen Videoclip zum Titelsong vor, zum Entstehungsprocess erklaert Windstein: 


"I’m going to do an acoustic record,' but that’s just so cliché, you know?" says Windstein. "Nothing against that, but It’s been done a million times. But I had been thinking about doing something a little more mellow for some time. It’s something I wanted to do, I needed to do. It’s another side of my songwriting, my personality. It’s another side of me. It’s something I did for myself. It’s not even that this isn’t heavy, because there are bits and pieces that are very heavy. But even the heaviest riff on this is something I couldn’t really do in Crowbar. If some Crowbar fans don’t like it, I’ll understand. But I hope people dig it."