LEWD ACTS Tourabsage



Nach dem Ausstieg von LEWD ACTS Sänger Tyler lässt sich die Tour nicht mehr aufrecht erhalten. Hier das Statement der Booking Agentur:

Sometimes life is a piece of shit sometimes its even worst. We worked pretty hard to get some nice tours this summer and we thought we're doing well with our bands LEWD ACTS, MAN OVERBOARD & TRANSIT. First we had to move the Man Overboard tour during some issues and now we are pretty much sad to say but since their Singer Tyler left the band Lewd Acts are also not able to make it over. We honestly apologize that this was our very last option but finally there is no way for the band to replace him that fast. It's a shame and I am would like to say sorry to any single promoter that had already put time and efforts in their shows. I have by myself spent loads of time working on this and also my own band AT DAGGERS DRAWN lost all their nearby future plans. AT DAGGERS DRAWN decided to try to tour at least as long as possible with their friends DAGGERS from belgium. Every help is honestly appreciated cause we have already rented a van and took tim e off from work. Please feel free to spread the word about wherever you can.

Even if lifes fucks you up sometimes we are already working on new tour plans for some awesome bands like Runes, The Effort, Lighthouse, At Half Mast and many more so keep your eyes open.

We honestly Apologize
George, No Decline Booking