LIARS & THIEVES - bie Bastardized Records



LIARS & THIEVES unterschreiben bei Bastardized Records und stellen unten einen neuen Song namens "Marble Eyes" vor. Das Debutalbum der Hardcoreband heisst "Thaumatrop" und wurde von Markus Esch und Aljosha Sieg in den Pitchback Studios aufgenommen. Die Band kommentiert:


"Since we started this band, we were always fueled with passion to produce music with a message others can relate to. In order to promote our first LP „Thaumatrop" we looked for someone to support us reaching a wider audience. Luckily, in Bastardized we found a partner with entrepreneurial spirit that values creativity and innovation. We are excited about a common future and we are proud to become a part of the Bastardized Family."