LIAR sind zurück!



LIAR haben sich 2 Jahre nach ihrer Auflösung wieder zusammengerauft. Hier das offiziele Pressestatement:

"MetalCore originators LIAR have risen from the grave after their break-up two years ago...the band is legendary for it's direct approach and outspoken message, for it's biting, heavy, speeding fast technical metalcore combined with an own trademarking style, better known as 'h8000 edgemetal', an unique style that served them right over 11 years of hard playing,touring and the release of 5 full albums and numberous compilation tracks and exclusive vinyl.
LIAR have been a definite influence for todays metalcore icons and for many enthousiastic kids worldwide.

This is NOT a reunion, but a comeback, with a strong and solid line-up..five people that do believe in hard work and having fun in what they do.
Shows will be accepted selectively, this in order to cover different area's.
Check LIAR's latest opus 'murder manifesto' on GSR, available in both LP/CD format.
Stay tuned & See you up-front!
OG METALCORE since 1995."