LIFERUINER - Aufgelöst



Und schon wieder ist es passiert und dieses Mal trifft es ganz überraschend die Senkrechtstarter von LIFERUINER. Erst kürzlich spielte man eine wahnsinns Europatour mit TO KILL und RECON und nun löst man sich auf.

Hier das Bandstatement:

"The European tour has been amazing and as a band, we agreed to end things on a high note today after our show in France.

"We apologize to anyone who was involved or planning on coming out to the Salt The Wound tour. We will most likely release our new material at some point via Uprising Records, for those interested. We will keep you updated on this page with information.

"Tonight's show was beyond amazing and we feel as a band, tonight was our peak. Words can't describe how great the energy was. We had a bunch of tours lined up for fall and beyond, but we feel like the time as come to let the Liferuiner name lay to rest.

"We have a bunch of suprises for the last show and we will be getting rid of the rest of our merch. This will be the last time any of these shirts will be printed, ever. Also, with the ticket for the Nov. 1st show, you will also get into November 4th's A Life Once Lost show at the same venue. Thanks everyone! Let's make this show epic."