LIKE TORCHES - Video zu "Swing By Swing"



Mit "Swing By Swing" stellen LIKE TORCHES einen neuen Song ihres Albums 'Shelter" inklusive Video vor. Anbei ist der Clip zu sehen, den Saenger Jonathan Kärn wie folgt kommentiert:

"'Swing By Swing' is the first song we wrote when we began the writing process for our upcoming album Shelter. It’s probably the song that reminds me most about our first record ‘Keep Your Head High’ and I think our fans will appreciate that. It is probably one of the ”poppiest” songs on the record, but still with a hint of nordic heaviness, so I’d say it definitely has more edge. Lyrically the song is really just about how messed up and broken our society is."

"Shelter" erscheint am 22. Januar via Rude Records.