LIZZY FARRALL - Video zu "Better With"



LIZZY FARRALL stellt mit 'Better With' einen neuen Song ihrer kommenden Debut-EP 'All I Said Was Never Heard' vor. Der Videoclip zum Track kann anbei gestreamt werden - die EP der brititschen Songwriterin erscheint dann am 5. Januar 2018 via Pure Noise Records.

Farrall zum Release:

"The lyrics are about finding someone who completely takes you out of a rut you've been stuck in, but also you have a fear that the feelings you have are not mutual due to similar situations in past relationships which have left you with lack of trust." she continues "for the music video I wanted it to have a very teenage angst vibe which reflects the lyrics. Henry Cox (of Boston Manor) who filmed and produced it came up with the idea to have the storyline in reverse which gives the video a really cool twist"