LUKE SITAL-SINGH - neues Album im April



Der britische Songwriter LUKE SITAL-SINGH zieht von Bristol nach Los Angeles und stellt passend dazu seine erste neue Single namens "Los Angeles" vor. Der Titel entstammt dem kommenden Album "A Golden State", welches am 5. April via Ferryhouse Productions erscheint. SITAL-SINGH kommentiert:

“There’s lots of reasons for moving there. It’s Los Angeles – it could be amazing for me and my music. And it’s a chance to start again there. I did a bit of touring in America at the end of „Time Is A Riddle“, a good month, and just loved it. I had been a bit scared of it, but I just thought: I want to do more of this. I just love America, for all its weirdness, especially now.“ erklärt er.
“Hannah’s wanted to move there for years, but I’ve always been a bit more cautious. But I do need something new. And writing that song crystallised my enthusiasm for moving there. It’s probably the most honest and open song on the album. There’s no metaphor or characters. It’s me and Hannah, let’s move to America, I’m scared, you’re not scared, so stay close, ’cause I’m gonna freak out along the way.”