MADBALL - Mitts verlässt die Band



Diese Nachricht kommt für viele überraschend aber Brian "Mitts" Daniels wird die DMS Urgesteine MADBALL mit sofortiger Wirkung verlassen. Dies haben Mitts und die Band vor wenigen Stunden bekannt gegeben. Beide Parteien betonen, dass die Trennung zwar schmerzlich aber dass man nach wie vor in aller Freundschaft verbunden sei.

Mitts war seit 16 Jahren Mitglied der Band und hat zusammen mit Madball vier Alben und drei EPs herausgebracht. Ein Ersatz für Mitts steht derzeit noch nicht fest, die derzeit gebuchten Konzerte von MADBALL sollen aber wie geplant stattfinden.

Statement von Madball:

"It was a very hard and heartbreaking decision, for all involved. I want to thank Mitts for all his years of service - for his loyalty, passion and stellar guitar playing. He shared the stage with us for 16 years, which is longer than any other guitarist. We shared some very special moments together in those years, both on and off stage. We had many good times, sad times, bad and funny moments. As is the case with Family. He will go into our own personal "hall of fame" of class acts that have been part of the MB family - wish you nothing but the best... Love ya Mitty!

As for MB's future plans - We will be updating you from the studio, the writing process is in full swing. Europe- we will see you in November! Much Respect... MB..HC lives"

Statement von Mitts:

"It is with very heavy emotion that I would like to announce that my time with Madball has come to and end. Over the past 16+ years with this band, I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill almost every dream that a musician could ever have. I’ve gotten to travel the globe, made 4 LP’s, 3 EP’s, shared stages with heroes of my childhood. The friendships I’ve made with all of you, from here and around the world, are priceless. Most importantly, I would like to thank my bandmates, Freddy, Hoya, Mike, as well as past members Matt, Rigg, Ben, Mackie, Raj. It’s truly been an honor to share the stage with you all.

With regards to reasons why, I ask that you respect our privacy. The only thing anyone needs to know is that we all still remain on great terms. I have always, and will forever consider these guys my brothers, and I wish them all the best going forward from here. I have no doubt that they will continue to crush it for many years to come. Look out for “For The Cause” in 2018!!

As for my future, I am by NO means retiring, or hanging up my guitar. I’ve been playing music since I was 10 years old, and I have no intentions on stopping. As well as playing, I will continue to produce bands, something that I’m very passionate about. For every bit of sadness I have from closing the Madball chapter of my life, I am also very excited and looking forward to new ventures and opportunities in music. See you all soon!!

Brian "Mitts" Daniels"