MADBALL geben Tracklist bekannt



MADBALL werden bekanntlich ihr neues Album "Infiltrate the System" am 21. August in den USA via Ferret Records und in Europa via I Scream veröffentlichen.

Hier die Tracklist:

01. Justify
02. Infiltrate the System
03. Revolt
04. No Escape
05. Takeover
06. Renegades
07. Set Me Free
08. The Messenger
09. Liberty or Death
10. A Novelty
11. You're Gone
12. P.Y.I.T.F. Part 3
13. Stand Up NY

Das Album wurde in den Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts, gemeinsam mit Produzent Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, THROWDOWN) aufgenommen. MADBALL Frontman Freddy Cricien kommentiert das neue Material folgendermaßen:

"The album will lyrically keep some of the hardcore standards while branching out from any of their previous work. We are hoping to branch out conceptually with 'Infiltrate'. We do have a few songs written about themes that are familiar to our fans, such as life on the streets, but we also have some songs that delve more into social commentary. By no means are we a political band now, we're still giving you first hand accounts of our life but there is other topics we want to talk about such as self-empowerment which everyone can relate to. Kids from the hardcore scene are infiltrating the system everyday and making changes to old ways of thinking, we have fans whom grew up with our band and are in all walks of life including CEOs of companies, politicians, teachers and more."

Musikalisch gibt es gemäß Circien auch einige Überraschungen:

"For the first time ever, we have songs that are over three minutes, a record for MADBALL," so Circien. "We are going to have Hoya (bass) and Mitts (guitar) sing as well, because I discovered that Mitts has an excellent voice. This record is also going to be a lot heavier, so if kids don't want to dance to this, I don't know what they will want to dance to!"