MAKE THEM SUFFER - neue Platte via Rise Records



MAKE THEM SUFFER aus Australien stellen mit "Fireworks" einen ersten Song ihres neuen Albums "Worlds Apart" vor, welches am 28. Juli auf Rise Records erscheinen wird. Anbei ist der Clip zur Single zu sehen - MTS-Sänger Sean Harmanis erklaert zudem:

"'Worlds Apart' represents a new era for MAKE THEM SUFFER. We've taken risks in songwriting and production; this album is a reminder to ourselves that change and growth are good things. It's tough to say so early, but I think "World's Apart" is an album that will be in your stereo for quite some time"
"Worlds Apart" Tracklist:
1. "First Movement"
2. "Uncharted"
3. "Grinding Teeth"
4. "Vortex"
5. "Fireworks"
6. "Contact"
7. "Power Overwhelming"
8. "Midnight Run"
9. "Dead Plains"
10. "Save Yourself"