MAYDAY PARADE - neuer Song im Stream



MAYDAY PARADE stellen einen neuen Videoclip zur Single Piece Of Your Heart“ im Stream vor. Der Titel entstammt dem neuen Album "Sunnyland", welches die Rockband aus Florida am 15. Juni via Rise Records veroeffentlichen wird.

Die neuen Songs entstanden in Zusammenarbeit mit John Feldmann (u.a. Blink-182, Panic! At the Disco) und Howard Benson (Of Mice & Men, My Chemical Romance) - zum Release sagt die Band um Frontmann Derek Sanders und Gitarrist Alex Garcia:
“’Piece Of Your Heart’ is a song about true love. The video turned out very sweet – it gives me a warm feeling. Thanks for checking it out!
’Piece Of Your Heart’ came into the batch of songs pretty late in the game. I think as we were going through pre-production with (producers) Zack (Odom)and Ken (Mount). I remember hearing the chorus and definitely being floored by it. As we worked on it more and more, it really started to shine and felt so good. It’s crazy how sometimes things just really click when you’re working on music."