MEST Break-Up



Nach 10 Jahren Musikgeschichte haben sich die Chicago Poppunker von MEST ebenfalls aufgelöst. Hier das Statement von Frontmann Tony Lovato direkt aus dem Myspace Blog:

"we are not turning our backs on our fans.. come on. someday ill explain the reason/reasons. i debated telling everyone but figured its better to be honest and to let the people know that want to see us one last time.. its been 10 years, 5 records and ive seen the world. its been my life. trust me this is harder on me than ANY of you. i wouldnt have changed a thing. ive done and seen more in the past 10 yrs than most people will experience in there entire life. and its because of you guys so thank you. thank you to the people that ive affected with my music and thank you to the people that have affected me through my music. weve had a great run.. i love you all....."