MOON TOOTH - Akustik-EP am 31. Juli



Mit "Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections" kuendigen MOON TOOTH aus Long Island eine neue EP an, die am 321. Juli via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Darauf zu hoeren gibt es einen neuen Song “Six of Swords” sowie 4 neue arrangierte Tracks des Albums "Crux", welches 2019 erschien. Den Song "Awe At All Angles" gibt es anbei vorab im Stream. Frontmann John Carbone kommentiert: 

“Time is the only thing with a chance of washing grief away. It's a process that can be ugly, violent and in most cases not brief. In order to let time do it's work properly, a person must recognize the difference between the violence that's necessary and the violence that's clung to. At some point, grief is a choice. When time's done it's job, it's up to us to put the hurt down"