MOON TOOTH - Video zu "Through Ash"



Der Song  “Through Ash” entstammt dem aktuellen MOON TOOTH Album "Crux", welches juengst via Pure Noise Records wiederveroeffentlicht wurde. 
Frontmann Nick Lee zum Signing auf dem kalifornischen Label:

Moon Tooth is ecstatic to announce we have signed with Pure Noise Records.  From day one the four members of this band have treated our music and the way we operate as an extension of ourselves.  We are proud to be on a label and surrounded by artists with the same integrity and we are so incredibly excited about the future we can build with this new family”


MOON TOOTH Frontmann John Carbone zum Videoclip:

 “A long time friend of the band, Taylor Graham is a kindred spirit in that the devotion and passion she pours into her art is honest, vulnerable and courageous. Tom Flynn is our go to director. His attitude, ability, and the work he produces have brought us back to him four times now. Having covered a lot of ground in our previous videos, we saw this as a chance to let these two great artists explore and express themselves. They were given very little direction from the band, only having been reminded of an important theme of the song: the purging of old wounds”