MOROS EROS - Aufgelöst



MOROS EROS (2005-2008) existieren nicht mehr. Hier das obligatorische Statement:

"So, as most of you know, Moros is no longer a band. Since we left everything so ambiguous, I felt really terrible about not explaining the situation. It really had nothing to do with Victory, really. I think it started when our van died this past november. We were in the middle of some Navajo reservation for about eight hours and I thought a lot about things.

Things led to other things, deej quit the band a few weeks later, and we eventually came to the conclusion that we didn't really feel up to the task of playing this kind of music anymore. It's kind of tiring to sing almost every day about things that are always bothering you, without ever coming to any final conclusion. Without getting to philosophical, it was just the band's time, and we have already started moving on to other things, musically and personally, that is."