MXPX - erster Song von "Acoustic Collection"



Von ihrem neuen Album "Acoustic Collection" stellen MXPX den Song "Let It Happen" ins Netz.
Die Platte enthaelt - wie der Name andeutet - lediglich aeltere Songs der Band in neuem Gewand und erscheint am 6. Juli.

Trackliste "Acoustic Collection":

01. "Doing Time" (Life in General)
02. "Tomorrow Is Another Day" (Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo)
03. "You're On Fire" (Secret Weapon)
04. "Let It Happen" (Let It Happen)
05. "Never Better Than Now" (Secret Weapon)
06. "My Mom Still Cleans My Room" (Life in General)
07. "Secret Weapon" (Secret Weapon)
08. "Drowning" (Secret Weapon)
09. "Buildings Tumble" (The Ever Passing Moment)
10. "Aces Up" (Plans Within Plans)
11. "For Always" (Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo)
12. "Punk Rawk Show" (Teenage Politics)