MY DYING BRIDE - Einzelheiten zur neuen EP



MY DYING BRIDE werden ihre neue EP "Bring Me Victory" am 26. Oktober via Peaceville Records veröffentlichen. Hier die Tracklist:

01. Bring Me Victory
02. Scarborough Fair
03. Failure (THE SWANS cover)
04. Vast Choirs (live at Graspop Metal Meeting 2008)

Die Band sagt "'Scarborough Fair' is a traditional English folk song without specific origin but was made popular by SIMON & GARFUNKEL in 1966. MY DYING BRIDE's version will feature two new introductory verses written by Aaron [Stainthorpe, vocals] and will naturally feature the bands usual epic style with violins and crushing guitars.

'Failure' was originally written by SWANS and has been a favorite within the MY DYING BRIDE camp for many years; it was only a matter of time before the band made their own version of this especially miserable number."