Manowar verschieben Album VÖ und Tour - Gitarrist in Unfall verwickelt



Leider müssen MANOWAR den VÖ des neuen Albums und die damit verbundene Tour verschieben. Hier das offizielle Statement:

"Karl Logan, lead guitarist of heavy metal powerhouse MANOWAR, was injured on Tuesday, January 24th 2006 in a motorcycle accident. Logan sustained severe injuries to his left arm, which will prevent him from performing for an as-yet-unknown period of time. “MANOWAR will have to reconsider all of our plans, but the good news is that Karl is ok and he’ll be back stronger than ever,” says MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio.

Logan was preparing to record his lead guitar parts for the upcoming, yet to be named, MANOWAR album, the release of which will now be delayed. Touring plans are also expected to change as a result of this unfortunate turn of events. However, MANOWAR will soldier on. “We don’t have any more information at this time,” says DeMaio. “But nothing ever has, or ever will, stop MANOWAR.” More information will be released as it becomes available."