NAKED GIANTS - Video zu "High School (Don't Like Them)"



Die Rockband NAKED GIANTS haben ein neues Musikvideo zum Song "High School (Don't Like Them)" veröffentlicht. Der Song wird auf dem neuen Album "The Shadow" vertreten sein, welches am 21. August 2020 via New West Records erscheint. Zum neuen Video sagt Schlagzeuger Henry LaVallee:

“The music video for ‘High School’ was conceived in the studio as we were recording the new record. Our engineer [Adam Lee] was reminiscing on his high school experience when a drug counselor gave his class a ‘scared-straight’ lecture on the dangers of psychedelic drugs. The funny bit was that Adam thought to himself, ‘Hmm, visuals and mind-exploration? That doesn’t sound bad at all, that sounds awesome!’ Aside from the innate humor in the lecturer’s point being taken in the completely wrong way, I thought it to be a great story to base our video off of.”

Nach ihrem Debutalbum „SLUFF“ (2018) und der EP „Green Fuzz“ (2019), folgt nun das zweite Album der Band aus Seattle. NAKED GIANTS sind Grant Mullen (Vocals, Guitar), Gianni Aiello (Vocals, Bass) und Henry LaVallee (Drums).