NAKED GIANTS - Titeltrack der neuen Platte im Stream



Heute erscheint das neue NAKED GIANTS Album "The Shadow". Anbei stellt die Grungerockband aus Seattle einen Videoclip zum Titelsong der Platte vor. Im Statement des Trios heisst es: 

“‘The Shadow’ is a musical continuation of the multi-part rock and roll journeys we've explored with our songs ‘Green Fuzz’ and ‘TV,’ but with lyrics that serve as an abstraction of the rest of the album. Throughout, we explore our interactions with individual ‘shady’ parts of life - media overstimulation in ‘Television,’ dissociation in ‘Unpeeled,’ privilege and responsibility in ‘Take A Chance’ and ‘(God Damn!) What I Am’ - and ‘The Shadow’ wraps them all up by saying that these parts of life are necessary, they're within me and they need to be faced and explored in order to grow and develop. When we say ‘I want to see The Shadow’ we're saying we want to bring all of these elements that are bringing us trouble and anxiety, and bring them into the light."