NASUM - Finales Album in diesem Jahr



NASUM wurde begraben, nachdem Gitarrist/Sänger Mieszko Talarczyk bei der Tsunami-Katastrophe am 26. Dezember 2004 gestorben war. COLDWORKER/ex-NASUM Drummer Anders Jakobson postete folgendes Update zum finalen Album:

"So how about this — there will be a new NASUM album in 2008! Yes, a final album and then nothing more. It's the live recording from Japan 2004 that has been in the archives for quite a while. It's a little bit confusing but I'll try to explain everything as clear as possible:

"First, there will be a split with NAPALM DEATH, a limited-edition picture disc released by Feto very soon... Can't really be specific about the release date at this point.

"Then, the NASUM side of the split will be a stand-alone CD called 'Doombringer' on Relapse. This is a digipack release that apart from the 16 songs also will include Mitch Harris video for 'Scoop' and liner notes by me. The album will be released March 4th and can be pre-ordered from Relapse now. There might be an LP version of 'Doombringer' as well; I have at least OK'd the artwork for the LP."

"Doombringer" Tracklist:

01. Corrosion
02. Doombringer
03. Just Another Hog
04. Inhale/Exhale
05. Scoop
06. Bullshit
07. Relics
08. Löpandebandsprincipen
09. I Hate People
10. Masshypnosis
11. A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air
12. Fatal Search
13. This is...
14. The Masked Face
15. The Idiot Parade
16. Den Svarta Fanan