NEONFLY - Videointerview online



Die britischen Metaller von NEONFLY stellen ein Videointerview ins Netz, in dem sie ueber sie ihre neue Single "The World Is Burning" sprechen. Zudem gibt es Details zum kommenden Album "The Future, Tonight" . NEONFLY-Frontmann und Co-Songwriter Willy Norton kommentiert:

“This World is Burning« is a musical distillation of the anger we as a band feel at the world around us… too many metal bands exist in a bubble of fantasy… we’re living in a world gone mad and we feel responsible as musicians to present our response to that madness. In this song, we wanted to combine our feelings of rage and frustration with our sadness at how things are evolving. I’m confident we’ve achieved that and are presenting a compelling taster of where we’re headed musically and lyrically.”