NEW FOUND GLORY - Video zu "Party On Apocalypse"



“Party on Apocalypse” heisst der erste Vorgeschmack auf das neue NEW FOUND GLORY Album "Makes Me Sick, welches am 28. April via Hopeless Records erscheinen wird. Unten stellt die Poppunkband aus Florida einen duesteren Videoclip dazu vor, welches von  Max Moore produziert wurde. NFG-Gitarrist Chad Gilbert erklaert:

“Is the end of the world near...? It sure feels like it sometimes. If the end is inevitable, haven't you thought about rounding up all the people you love for a celebration? A Party On Apocalypse. This video was intended to feel like a 2002 TRL video, trapped in a Hollywood Apocalypse gritty film. Try to be a light in a dark place!”


1. Your Jokes Aren’t Funny
2. Party On Apocalypse
3. Call Me Anti-Social
4. Happy Being Miserable
5. The Sound Of Two Voices
6. Blurred Vision
7. Say It Don’t Spray It
8. Barbed Wire
9. Short and Sweet
10. The Cheapest Thrill