NEW FOUND GLORY sprechen über neues Album



In einem Interview mit MTV hat NEW FOUND GLORY Gitarrist Chad Gilbert über das neue NFG Album gesprochen, welches "Coming Home " heißen wird. Release Date ist der 19. September, die erste Single "It's Not Your Fault" erscheint bereits im Juli.

"The first single is called 'It's Not Your Fault,' and it comes out in July. It's a song we've had around for a while, and we just perfected it. It's got big, full guitars and a piano line that goes throughout. It's pretty anthemic, and [frontman] Jordan [Pundik's] voice has never sounded better."

Eine finale Tracklist ist noch nicht bekannt, das Album wird jedoch 13 Songs enthalten.
"Oxygen," "On My Mind," "Hold My Hand," "Love and Pain," "Connected," "Familiar Landscapes," "Taken Back By You" und ein "sort of folky song with handclaps and finger snaps" werden jedenfalls dabei sein.

Über den Titel sagt er folgendes:

"The songs are all pretty different, sonically speaking, but they're all sort of tied together by this theme of wanting to go home," […]. "All of us are either married or having kids or being engaged, and we were always apart from the people we loved. All our relationships were long-distance ones. And so reading the lyrics and hearing the songs, it made sense to call the record Coming Home, because we all miss that feeling of holding our loved ones in our arms."