NGHBRS - Mixtape als Gratisdownload



Die Alternative-Band veröffentlicht ein Mixtape via Paper & Plastick, welches HIER gratis heruntergeladen werden kann.

Das Statement der Band zum Release gibt es anbei:

"With the release of this MIXTAPE, NGHBRS would like to express thanks to our fans, friends, and family. These songs are merely different interpretations of NGHBRS tracks that have been released throughout the past 2 years, as well as two acoustic songs written by Ian. Each track has its own video that was created by NGHBRS, with the help of some close friends. We would like to thank Paper & Plastick Records, Steve Kupillas, AJ Estrada, Brandon Peterson, and Will McCoy, for collaborating with us on this release. We are looking forward to recording our first full length record this fall.

Ian, Jordan, Eric, and Tommy