NIGHTFALL - Musikvideo zu "Astron Black" online



NIGHTFALL veröffentlichen neuen Videoclip zu "Astron Black" exklusiv über Metal Blade TV!
Die Athener Symphonic Death Metaller NIGHTFALL haben soeben den neuen Videoclip zum Titeltrack ihres aktuellen Albums Astron Black veröffentlicht!

Surft zu Metal Blade TV um Astron Black anzuchecken! Den Link gibts HIER

Regisseur Achilleas Gatsopoulos: "We decided not to go safe and continue with the shadow puppet approach for the second video too, even though there is still a lot of space for experimentation within that. Instead, I came up with an entirely different style that would add yet another facet to the complex task of visualising Nightfall's music.

Working with the lyrics and with Efthimis conceptual guidance, I set up a vast backdrop of space and time for our characters to inhabit, incorporating various planetary and astronomical elements. The characters include mythical deities such as Gaia, Prometheus, Venus / Pandora, as well as Astron Black, who symbolises mankind and its progress through time.

NIGHTFALL haben ihr allerorten gelobtes Comebackalbum Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants im Sommer 2010 veröffentlicht!