NIK BRUZZESE (MAN OVERBOARD) / CASA LOMA - neuer Solosong online



Nik Bruzzese kuendigt unter dem Namen CASA LOMA eine neue Solo EP an. "This Is Coping" erscheint am 5. Juni via Pure Noise Records, anbei stellt die Musiker mit "Olivia, Marley, and the Duck Pond" einen weiteren Song der Platte vorab vor. Bruzzesse kommentiert: 
“After years on the road, I bought the house I grew up in from my mom. The name of the neighborhood is Duck Pond, and now I get to live there with my wife and daughters, Olivia and Marley. On the surface, this song is about giving my kids a home and how much it sucks for them that I know all the house’s secrets, because I spent almost a decade trying to sneak out of it. But on a deeper level it deals with darker stuff; me trying to give them a song, a message, for the day I’m not around"