NOTHING MORE - Lyrikvideo zu "Let 'Em Burn"



Von ihrem neuen Album "The Stories We Tell Ourselves", welches am 15. September via Better Noise Records, stellen NOTHING MORE mit  “Let ’Em Burn” einen weiteren neuen Song inklusive Lyrikvideo vor.

Jonny Hawkins, Frontmann der Alternativerockband aus Texas:

“It’s a pretty big range on this record from song to song of very personal experiences to more global experiences -- the content I was reflecting on personally a lot over this year, from my own personal evolution and reflection to my thoughts on stuff that was happening in the political world and social world. 2016 was probably one of the craziest elections this country has ever seen. It was pretty bizarre.
I felt like in my personal life, I was trying to sift through what’s a thought about reality vs. what is actually reality, ’cuz a lot of times, we tell ourselves stories about what’s going on, whether it’s in our personal relationship or our careers or our own emotions. And those stories are usually half-truths. Reality is usually something much bigger than those things.
In the political world, I felt like I was watching two sides that I didn’t have a dog in either fight, and I felt like the stories that people were parroting and echoing in these echo chambers of people who agreed with them were many times half-truths. So this record is really focused on a personal process of being more skeptical of what people say out there, what the media says and also being more skeptical of what your own mind is telling you about your own feelings and where they’re coming from, why you’re feeling it and is it really someone else’s fault or is it something you need to deal with."


So    26.11.17    Berlin    / Musik & Frieden 
Mi    13.12.17    Köln / Luxor 
Do    14.12.17    Hamburg / Headcrash