NOTHING MORE - Video zu "Fade In/Fade Out" veröffentlicht



NOTHING MORE haben ein Musikvideo zu ihrem Song "Fade In/Fade Out" veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt vom Album "The Stories We Tell Ourselves", welches die Band via Better Noise Records/Eleven Seven Label Group veröffentlicht hat. Sänger Jonny Hawkins kommentiert: 

“When I sing this song I daydream about about my childhood... the days before my parents were broken apart by cancer. I think about how my dad taught me to throw a ball. I think about how my mom taught me to tie my shoes. I think about how my dad would always say “hard work pays off” trying to teach me a lesson while I was focused on a video game, too young to care. I remember my mother consoling me when I threw a paint brush to the ground, frustrated by an unintended slip of the hand. I will never forget what she said, 'Jonny, it’s not a mistake, there are no such things as mistakes, just creative opportunities.' I think about the first moment I realized that they wouldn’t be here forever. I think about how thankful I am."

Seht hier das Musikvideo im Stream: