Nightrage arbeiten an neuem Album



Nightrage haben mit der Arbeit an ihrem neuen Album begonnen. Gerade haben sie die Arbeit an 15 neuen Songs beendet und werden im Juni das Studio entern um diese aufzunehmen.
Marios Iliopoulos dazu:
This time we have chosen a different approach in the recording process. All drums, bass, and guitars will be recorded at Zero Gravity Studios in Athens, Greece. Some of you might remember, this location was the set for our latest video “Wearing A Martyr’s Crown”.

On this record we want to break up the monotony of the typical Scandinavian weather/scenery and head to one of the most beautiful countries this band has ever played. So once again, Greece is our destination!

Antony will head into Arcane Digital Recording (located in sunny Chandler, Arizona USA) with our good friend Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon, Misery Index, Phobia, Exhumed) for the vocal recordings. Another first for the band, trying out an American studio will be an interesting change. But for those of you who know Ryan’s work, you can expect the result to be old school and punishing.

Of course, our album would not be complete without the help from our longtime producer Fredrik Nordstrom (Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, In Flames, The Haunted, Exhumation, Firewind), who will drum edit, reamp, mix and master the album in Studio Fredman. We trust our long time friend Fredrik will do an amazing job once again. He’s been stunned by the quality of our new songs and is looking forward to working with us again.

We also have some very important guest musicians contributing to the album as well.