OCEAN GROVE - neue Single "Sunny" online



Die Posthardcoreband aus Australien stellt mit "Sunny" einen weiteren neuen Song vor. Im neuen Jahr soll dann zudem das neue Album "Flip Phone Fantasy" via UNFD erscheinen. Den neuen Track kommentiert  Frontmann Dale Tanner wie folgt: 

"'SUNNY' is the musical antidote to the self induced slump that our generation, modern society and Ocean Grove as individuals can all relate to on some level. It’s a kick up the listener's ass to kill the anticipation of what may be to come on any given day, and to get out into the Odd World despite their depression, existential dread or hangover. At the same time this track is also an ‘F You’ to anyone that looks down upon the recluse behaviour inherent in the youth of today and the joy that comes with partying, staying up late and sleeping in all day because you can"