Hier das Statement der Band:

"Hey everybody, we have to announce some important news.

We have been around as a band for the last seven years starting in late 2000. We had a great time with this band as we were able to put out two full length albums and two EP's. We played countless shows and some great tours that were a blast and we shared stages with some of our own favourite bands like Figure Four, Comeback Kid, Norma Jean, ZAO, No Innocent Victim, Life In Your Way etc. And at least we even had the opportunity to tour the US.As some of you may have noticed we've hardly played any shows within the last months mainly because of other priorities some of us had to deal with in their personal lifes. This situation was quite frustrating so we talked it over within the band earlier this year. In the end it turned out that three band members decided to leave just to make it possible to continue with Opposition Of One on a serious level including touring, put out a new record etc. We all love this band too much to screw it up and we don't want to force anything so we have decided it's our time to step down. This is something we all agreed on as friends.

So here are the news.

Opposition Of One will be playing a few more shows with the current band lineup with Titus on drums. There will also be a very last farewell show in December before we will officially break up end of this year. We invite everybody from the bottom of our hearts to come to these very last Opposition Of One shows. We would love to say thank you and goodbye to everybody and meet some familiar faces.We have a couple available dates till end of 2007 so if you want to set up a show just drop us an e-mail (booking@oppositionofone.com) or send us a message through www.myspace.com/oppositionofone and let's get the party started.

Here are the dates:


That's pretty much it for now
Benson, Daniel, Martin, Nathan, Titus
Opposition Of One"

Thx to Makke