PACESHIFTERS - erster neuer Song im Stream



Die PACESHIFTERS aus den Niederlanden unterschreiben bei Hassle Records und veroeffentlichen ihr neues Album „Waiting To Derall“ noch in diesem Jahr. Vorab stellt die Garagen-/Grungerockband unten mit „Stranger“ einen neuen Song im Stream vor.

Gitarrist/Sänger Seb Dokman kommentiert:

"Stranger is a song about my ex-girlfriend. I was struggling with that situation for quite a while. After I sang the first take Chris came up to me and we talked for a while, that really helped, because all the emotions that I felt while writing the song came back to me. Listening back to how I did the first take and the second was a huge difference. Needless to say that second take was way better. Recording an album or song is all about creating the right atmosphere to offer the best take you can.”