PAGAN - Debutalbum via Hassle Records



PAGAN spielen dreckigen, energischen Rock und werden am 6. Juli ihr Debutalbum "Black Wash" via Hassle Records veroeffentlichen. Vorab stellen die Australier um Nikki Brumen (Vocals), Xavier Santilli (Gitarre), Matthew Marasco (Drums) und Bassist Daniel Bonnici mit "Death Before Disco“ einen ersten Song daraus im Stream vor. 
Im Pressetext heisst:
Pagan’s debut album Black Wash is a collection of songs (‘spells’, in Pagan speak) by four people who have each experienced their own individual Hells but walked through the flames together, hand in hand. Being able to write this cohesively together requires a lot of trust and unconditional love, and that is exactly what makes Pagan what it is. Brought to life by producer Mike Deslandes, in part at the Aviary in Abbotsford and Holes and Corners in South Melbourne, Black Wash is their fully realized opus. One that not only pays homage to their punk rock and heavy music ethics (‘The Greatest Love Songs’), but also draws inspiration from the dancefloors of neon soaked discotheques (‘Year of the Dog’) and back-alley rock and roll clubs of old (‘Death Before Disco’ and ‘Silver’), rebelling against the rules and nostalgic romanticism that seem to plague underground music to this day. It could be argued that Black Wash is an album of pop songs, only written and played like the band is at war.