PAPA ROACH - Video zu "Come Around" veröffentlicht



PAPA ROACH haben ein emotionales, fannahes Musikvideo zum Song "Come Around" veröffentlicht. Sänger Jacoby Shaddix sagt über den Song: 

“Personally, it’s my life experience of being on both sides of the song: being the person that needed help, and being the person that has reached out and given somebody help. I feel that in those times we can find who we really are. We knew ‘Come Around’ was one of those special songs when we got done with it. We walked away from the track and kept humming the melody to it, and it’s just one of those things that gets stuck in your head. Lyrically, this track’s about sticking with your friend through thick and thin, or your loved one, as they’re spiraling out.”

Das Musikvideo zeigt Aufnahmen vom Konzert der Band am 11. August 2019 in New York. Im Zentrum steht ein Fan, Mark Moreno, der die Band seit 2000 begleitet. Zu Beginn des Videos sagt Shaddix:

“This music gives me a connection to something bigger than myself. This music connects me with people. This music gives me purpose.”

"Come Around" stammt vom aktuellen Album "Born For Greatness", welches im vergangenen Jahr erschien.