PIEBALD - Reissues und Reunion Show



PIEBALD werden ihren out of print Back Catalog via Rise Records veröffentlichen. Weiterhin wird man im Mai beim Bamboozle Fest zu sehen sein:

"Hello friends of Piebald,

word on the street is that we are reuniting...and, while that is not quite true, we are getting together to play a show (or maybe 2) this year to celebrate the rerelease of our out-of-print catalog. "Piebald: First Ten Years" is going to be a 3 volume set of releases with 2 discs apiece that will be released on Rise Records. It will contain our first three albums, all our ep's, bsides and live gems. Volume I will be released in mid April, Volume II in mid May, and volume III in mid June. We will be playing "we are the only friends we have" from start to finish at the Bamboozle fest on may 2nd. We hope that you can come celebrate with us!!

Travis and the rest of The 'Bald"