POLYPHIA - bei Rude Records



Die Experimental/Instrumental-Rockband POLYPHIA kuendigt ihr neues und drittes Album "New Levels New Devils" fuer den 12. Oktober an. Die Platte erscheint via Rude Records in Kollaboration mit Equal Vision Records. Anbei kann mit “O.D.” bereits ein erster Eindruck zum Sound der Texaner gewonnen werden. Augenzwinkernd kommentieren POLYPHIA:


“This album is probably the best music in the history of music. Between all the future grammy nominations and public praise it’s pretty unanimous that we’re the biggest (and best) band in the world at this point. Far better than Metallica, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc. We had a $100,000 budget for this video but spent most of it on beer so we were left with only $10,000 but it turned out alright... still better than anything anyone else has ever done (especially that dildo Ronnie Radke).”