PRESSURE FESTIVAL - Running Order und News



Die Running Order für das diesährige Pressure Festival sieht folgendermaßen aus:

Friday, June 27th:
Doors appr. 4 pm
Curfew appr. at midnight

Bleeding Through
Death Before Dishonor
do or die
50 Caliber
Bitter End
50 Lions

Saturday, June 28th:
Doors appr. 11 am
Curfew appr. 11 pm

Cold World (exclusive Euro show)
Six Ft. Ditch
Settle The Score (Ruhrpott record release show with special set)
Bun Dem Out
The Boss (record release show)
Lion Of Judah
Dirty Money
Trapped Under Ice
voting band

Sunday, June 29th
Doors appr. 10:30 am
Curfew appr. 7 pm

Shattered Realm (exclusive Euro show / with original singer Chris)
Death Threat (exclusive Euro show)
In Blood We Trust (record release show)
Crime In Stereo
Waking The Cadaver
Trash Talk
The Mongoloids
Ambush (first mainland show ever)

Und hier noch ein paar aufgeworfene Fragen und die dazugehörigen Antworten vom Veranstalter:

+++ What's up with the early curfew on Sunday?
Curfew on Sunday is 7 pm because it's the evening of the European soccer final. Some of you might remember how large parts of the audience left during the quarter-final of Germany against Sweden in 2006 and left Set Your Goals and some other bands playing in front of only a couple of hundred of kids, and we don't really want to do this to any band again this year. And to be honest, we don't want to miss the final ourselves. So there you go if you were torn between Pressure Fest and watching the final, as I'm sure, some of you were.

+++ Is Shattered Realm breaking up after Pressure Fest?
Rumours are going around on the internet that this might be the last show Shattered Realm are ever going to play. Truth is, the future of Shattered Realm after Pressure Fest is uncertain. Noone, not even the band, knows what's going to happen after that. So yes, chances might be that this is going to be their last show ever, although no final decisions on the future of the band have been taken yet.

Fans of the band should not miss this gig anyway, as Chris, currently of Suffer The Living and the dude who sang on the early Shattered Realm stuff like the classic "Broken Ties...Spolen Lies", will be doing vocals at this show for SR for the first time in about 5 years, since he actually left the band.

+++ 36 Deadly Fists cancel their show!
36 Deadly Fists unfortunately had to cancel their show. Their drummer got denied a passport, something that can't be sorted out in the short time remaining until the fest, so them heading over to Europe couldn't be done anymore. The band feels sorry and apologizes.